Beef and pork cuts are kept on hand in our retail freezers. Here are just a few of the items we offer. 


  • Steaks (Filet, Strip, Ribeye, T-Bone, Sirloin)

  • Roasts (Rump, Arm, Chuck)

  • Ground Beef (1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb, and 20lb Bundles)

  • Ground Beef Patties

  • Brisket

  • Jerky, Ring Bologna, Snack Sticks, Dried Beef, Summer Sausage

  • BBQ Beef (Heat and Eat)

  • Cube & Tenderized Steaks


  • Fresh (Chops, Roasts, Steaks)

  • Smoked (bacon, hocks, sausage, ham, chops)

  • Ground Pork

  • Patties (sausage and fresh grillers)

  • Seasoned Sausage (1lb, 15lb bundles)

  • Bratwursts, Polish Sausages

  • BBQ Pork (Heat and Eat)

  • Pork Tenderloin

  • Ham Loaf (Heat and Eat)


Call (785) 336-2165 for more information, current prices, or questions about our retail products


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