Bern Meat

Always a Cut of the Very Best


Bern Meat

Always a Cut of the Very Best

Bern Meat is a unique butcher shop that found it's beginning in 1961 by a bold farmer who saw an opportunity. Today, it is a thriving business in the small town of Bern. Word has spread of the quality of meat and workmanship and we serve people from the local area, Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, and more. Find out for yourself why Bern Meat is a cut of the very best.  

local quality

It all begins with livestock. We are unquestionably particular about the livestock we slaughter for sale. We purchase beef and pork from local farmers who provide selectively bred animals that have been properly fed and handled. This care continues in our hands. From slaughtering, cooling, processing, curing, smoking, and wrapping, we take pride in our workmanship and are confident you will notice the difference.

natural beef

We strive to provide our customers with products worth buying. We minimally process our beef and do not add artificial ingredients, flavor, coloring, or chemical preservatives. Stop in and see for yourself how quality meat is produced locally and call in to order custom beef from us.


Very few producers still use the process of dry aging due to its time commitment, special storage requirements, and slow turn around profit. Standing the test of time as the best technique for beef tenderness and flavor, we do.

What is dry-aging?

"Dry aging is a process whereby beef carcasses, are stored – without protective packaging – at refrigeration temperatures for one to five weeks to allow the natural enzymatic and biochemical processes that result in improved tenderness and the development of the unique flavor”

federally inspected

Bern Meat is proud to be inspected by the USDA.  By following and upholding federal guidelines and procedures, we are confident our products are of superior quality and deserve your trust.



community values

Being a part of our small community is important to us as a small business. We are well connected to the people in the area and are proud to participate in many local benefits.


packaging matters

Our recognizable red and white butcher paper offers more than nostalgic value. We take great care to package our products in a distinct way in order to lengthen the life of the product in the freezer.

Not only do we utilize packaging to maximize freshness,  we also immediately place our packages after processing into our sharp freezer. At a temperature of -10ºF, products will retain vitamin content, color, flavor, and texture.


If it’s worth doing at all, it’s worth doing well.
— Terry Miller, 1978

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